Youth Development (Lesson)


One of the most important things for kids to do in order to live a happy and healthy life, is to be active.

Youth Development Training is a four week program. Each week is a 30 minute lesson. The first three weeks, we will learn all the basic fundamentals of pickleball. The fourth week will be one hour long, and devoted to real live game play.

Our program has been developed to teach kids:

  1. Hand Eye Coordination; By having the paddle make contact with the ball

  2. Fitness; Leaning how to move on the court

  3. Social Skills; Learning how to communicate with their partner and coach

  4. Honesty; By making the right line call (is the ball in or out)

  5. Sportsmanship; By having players say “Nice Shot” and “Good Game” to the opposing team

    $50 per child

    Ages: 8 – 12 years old

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