Learn to Play (Lesson)


Pickleball is a game for all ages, and is something you can play with your entire family. Wether you are 5 years old wanting to play your first sport, 70 years old looking for something new to do to keep you active, or any one in between, Pickleball is for you! Come on out and have fun learning how to play.

You will learn the basic rules, how to score points, how to call the score, how to execute the most important shots, and how to move on the court with your partner. All equipment will be provided. All you need to bring is water and a fun positive attitude.

This is will be a 90 minute event. Instructions and demonstrations for the first half, followed by questions and game play.

 $20 for 4 people

$35 for 8 people

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4 Players, 8 Players


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