Gamma Twister


GAMMA’s® new Twister paddle is the lightest offering in the PolyCore paddle family. This 7.4 oz paddle, featuring a textured paddle face fused to the poly core, will allow you to make quick work of your opponent. This is a great introductory paddle that will help to develop a feel for the sweet spot, and the signature GAMMA® Honeycomb Cushion Grip will create a solid connection to your paddle.


  • Twister is the lightest paddle in the Poly Core line at 7.4 oz, enabling deftness and enhancing agility
  • Twister has a Poly Core build which helps with control and finesse
  • Composite, or fiberglass, face
  • Small-medium grip size, 4.125″ circumference
  • Signature Honeycomb Cushion grip
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Weight 1.2 lbs



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